Probiotics/Enzymes (120 X 500 mg caps)


Probiotics/Enzymes (120 X 500 mg caps)


A healthy digestive system is vital for maintaining optimum wellness. There are billions of bacteria in our intestinal tract that make up a healthy gut. Unfortunately, protracted antibiotic treatments, modern sugar-laden diets, and various ailments can disrupt this vital, symbiotic biome, creating imbalances that can lead to serious ill-health.


To help maintain the gut’s microflora, we have created Credence Probiotics/Enzymes. The probiotics are supplied by leading manufacturers Chr Hansen and Lallemand, while the enzymes are from the National Enzyme Company. One of the probiotics – BB-12® (Bifidobacterium) from Chr Hansen – has been described in more than 300 scientific publications, out of which more than 130 are publications of human clinical studies. The enzyme blend, BioCore®, from National Enzyme Company comprises stable, acid-resistant enzymes for optimal digestive support. Enteric coating is not needed with these unique enzymes as they are microbial, not animal-derived.


For further support of the gut’s microflora, FOS is added as a prebiotic to help enhance the proliferation of beneficial bacteria. Uniquely, Credence Probiotics/Enzymes also includes Citrus Pectin, which turns the fibre into a soothing coating for irritated intestinal walls. Citrus Pectin also maintains and encourages digestive flora.

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