Why Live Talks?

After nearly 20 years in the field of natural health, we have learned time and again that nothing creates the same impact as a good live event. When we take part in a real-life experience, we are rewarded with a sensory input that reaches us in an emotionally and intellectually engaged way. This is something that no other media can truly duplicate.

Access to information is not the problem these days, in fact quite the opposite. The availability of information alone rarely results in the kind of action most of us need. It’s a matter of how information is presented that is most important in creating the kind of engagement that will result in a positive change in people’s lives. We all need to be inspired and lifted as well as informed.

We have put together a concise Question and Answer format primer for what Phillip Day’s talks are, and why you will benefit from attending.


Can’t I just buy a book or a DVD?

Books and CDs / DVDs are great in their own way, but they can never present the information in a way that will make the kind of lasting impression and give you the inspiration you really need. An analogy would be that people will pack bags,? get on a plane and spend considerable time and money to fly to Venice, for example, or Rome, or Paris or Barcelona, etc. when they could surely get a video or a book. But we all know nothing can duplicate the richness of a real experience, and that is the essence of what is happening here as well.


So why Credence and Phillip Day?

Phillip is a researcher and author, and has been speaking to audiences all over the world for many years. We have hundreds of testimonies from people that prove time and again how effective his talks are at getting across often complex subjects in a way that is entertaining and engaging. But most importantly, the messages finally sink in and produce results. The Credence team has been together as a company for nearly 20 years, and that longevity is built on professionalism and customer service.


I’m a busy person: do I really have to give up an afternoon to go to a talk?

We all have our own lives and activities (and habits), and hate to drag ourselves away, but ultimately the answer is that the healthier we are, the longer we’ll be around to enjoy those fun weekends or lazy days. It’s easy to take our health for granted until our lifestyles catch up with us. A little action now can make a huge difference over time, and allow for many more of those weekends of ‘me time’.? Plus, as mentioned previously, Phillip’s tours are NOT like a university lecture! You’re sure to enjoy the talk, and you will be very glad you attended, as you’ll leave energised and motivated as well as informed.


I’m already a fan. How do I tell others and spread the word?

Word of mouth can be extremely effective, but we know it’s not always easy. We will create a short video you can use as an introduction, but the ultimate goal is for them to hear one of Phillip’s live talks.