AIDS – A lesson for the COVID era

by Phillip Day


In the 1970s to early 1980s, a group of seemingly healthy males were diagnosed with immune deficiency problems. Later, the common denominator found for those suffering from this ‘new disease’, AIDS, appeared to be that they were variously:

  • homosexual

  • intravenous drug users

  • haemophiliacs


AIDS, actually not one disease but a collection of many different conditions brought under the AIDS umbrella, manifests itself variously with opportunistic infections such as thrush, yeast infections like Candida, pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and other, so-called AIDS-defining diseases. Sudden, unexplainable commencement of fevers, sweats, flu-like symptoms, diarrhoea, swelling of lymph glands and rashes on the body. Dark, cancerous skin lesions, such as Karposi’s sarcoma, are often found on the body.


One of the greatest scandals in medicine today surrounds the classification of AIDS as an infectious disease. The supposed pathogen, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), despite much fanfare and fearmongering, has never been isolated according to any recognised scientific procedure. And so, from a scientific standpoint, HIV can be deemed not to exist. In the two decades since Dr Robert Gallo’s ‘discovery’ of HIV (for which he was later indicted for science fraud), no empirical proof of the existence of an HI virus or retrovirus has ever been furnished to the scientific establishment, much less satisfactorily connected with how AIDS symptoms are supposed to be caused by it.

First world AIDS

All the evidence shows that immune suppression (‘AIDS’) in the First World is primarily brought on by long-term recreational or pharmaceutical drug toxicity and is not infectious or sexually transmitted. AIDS in the first world does not behave like a sexually transmitted, infectious disease at all. AIDS is still within its risk groups after over 35 years supposedly rampaging through a sexually driven public. Only 5% of the homosexual community has a problem with immune suppression, 95% don’t. The 5% who do will usually have a history of immuno-suppressant activity, drug-taking, etc. which adequately explains their current predicament.

If you are going to tell the public that HIV is spread sexually, where is the AIDS epidemic in Britain today? Did Britain suddenly stop having unprotected sex? And how come HIV is supposed to be spread through the transfer of blood and other body fluids, and yet mosquitoes don’t spread it? You do not need HIV to explain the phenomenon of AIDS either in the western world or in third world countries.

Third world AIDS

Third world or ‘African’ ‘AIDS’ is nothing more than the cynical reclassification of diseases that have always killed Africans and other cultures: dysentery, cholera, diarrhoea, malnutrition, TB, malaria and parasitic infections, brought on by the frequently contaminated water supplies poor citizens in these regions are forced to consume. Africans are almost always classified as ‘AIDS carriers’ through the arbitrary, visual-only Bangui definition. Little to no testing is done due to cost.

Bogus testing procedures

Many unwitting victims in the first world are drawn into the AIDS nightmare after being frightened by advertising or newspaper articles into believing that they might be ‘at risk’. They are talked into taking ‘an AIDS test’. The ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Absorbent Assay) and Western Blot tests are designed to highlight the presence of the supposed HIV, not by identifying any virus itself, but by tracing the presence of antibodies in the blood allegedly unique to, and said to be stimulated by a virus or retrovirus no-one can seem to find.

The only real difference between the two tests is that the ELISA is supposed to measure antibody activity as a whole, whereas the Western Blot measures reactions to separate proteins supposedly making up the virus. As a result of this claim, the Western Blot method is deemed by most in the AIDS industry to be more specific than the ELISA test, and will often be used to confirm a positive ELISA test. 1 The problem is, all the diagnostic methods employed by the recognised laboratories are far from specific. Christine Maggiore writes:

Both tests are non-specific to HIV antibodies and are highly inaccurate. Non-specific means that these tests respond to a great number of non-HIV antibodies, microbes, bacteria and other conditions that are often found in the blood of normal, healthy people. A reaction to any one of these other antibodies and conditions will result in an HIV-positive diagnosis. A simple illness like a cold or the flu can cause a positive reading on an HIV test. A flu shot or other vaccine can also create positive results. Having or having had herpes or hepatitis may produce a positive test, as can a vaccination for hepatitis B. Exposure to diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria commonly cause false positive results, as do the presence of tape worms and other parasites. Conditions such as alcoholism, liver disease and blood that is highly oxidated through drug use may be interpreted as the presence of HIV antibodies. Pregnancy and prior pregnancy can also cause a positive result.”2

The triggering of an HIV positive result will lead invariably to prescriptions for deadly cell toxins. The original drugs were extremely dangerous and included AZT, ddI and ‘protease inhibitors’, which had a track record of causing the very immune deficiencies they were designed to prevent. But they did rack up the drug profits. South African barrister Anthony Brink remarks:

In truth, AZT makes you feel like you’re dying. That’s because on AZT you are. How can a deadly cell toxin conceivably make you feel better as it finishes you, by stopping your cells from dividing, by ending this vital process that distinguishes living things from dead things? Not for nothing does AZT come with a skull and cross-bones label when packaged for laboratory use.” 3

And indeed that is the case. With a skull and cross-bones on the outer label and a reminder to wear suitable protective clothing when handling, the inner contents of the AZT packaging included the following side-effects advisory notice:

WHOLE BODY: abdominal pain, back pain, body odour, chest pain, chills, edema of the lip, fever, flu symptoms, hyperalgesia.

CARDIOVASCULAR: syncope, vasodilation.

GASTROINTESTINAL: bleeding gums, constipation, diarrhoea, dysphagia, edema of the tongue, eructation, flatulence, mouth ulcer, rectal haemorrhage.

HAEMIC AND LYMPHATIC: lymphadenopathy.

MUSCULOSKELETAL: arthralgia, muscle spasm, tremor, twitch.

NERVOUS: anxiety, confusion, depression, dizziness, emotional liability, loss of mental acuity, nervousness, paresthesia, somnolence, vertigo.

RESPIRATORY: cough, dyspnea, epistaxis, hoarseness, pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis.

SKIN: rash, sweat, urticaria.

SPECIAL SENSES: amblyopia, hearing loss, photophobia, taste perversion.

UROGENITAL: dysuria, polyuria, urinary frequency, urinary hesitancy.

I spent some years in Los Angeles and San Francisco working among homosexuals deemed HIV positive by the medical establishment. In all cases, their plight could be laid at the door of malnutrition, parasite/fungal infections, and recreational or pharmaceutical drug abuse. Their sure and ready remedy was to cease the drug abuse and move towards wellness with a properly constructed regimen of sound nutrition, supplementation and exercise.

Of course, no-one denies that if you smoke heavily for twenty years you could end up with irreversible lung cancer. Or if you drink heavily for twenty years you could end up with irreversible liver cirrhosis. It is now emerging that if you take ‘recreational’ (illicit) drugs heavily and/or certain pharmaceutical preparations, you can end up with irreversible immune system damage. It’s worth also considering why the AIDS phenomenon appeared when it did – around fifteen years after the launch of the global drug culture.

Our full report on AIDS is contained in The Truth About HIV, the result of 15 years’ research into this tragically misunderstood realm of medical error. The further tragedy is that expectant mothers are now required to take an ‘HIV’ test, resulting in more than a few cases being deemed HIV-positive simply because of the antibody load picked up by these tests. The resultant medication is as catastrophic to the baby as it is to the mother. For this reason, we issue the following advisory to all pregnant mothers around the world:

Health warning to expectant mothers

If you have recently become pregnant, you may be recommended to take an HIV test as part of a ‘standardised ante-natal care package’.4 This test is highly inaccurate and remains scientifically unproven. It should be refused on the following grounds:

1) All manufacturers of these tests include the following or similar disclaimer with their test kits:

At present, there is no recognised standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV- 2 in human blood.”5

2) The reason for this disclaimer is because the AIDS test does not measure the presence of a virus.6 The AIDS test has been designed to detect levels of antibody activity in the blood. Antibody activity in the bloodstream is a normal occurrence in humans, but is being misinterpreted by the AIDS test as indicative of the presence of HIV.

3) As a result of this misinterpretation, healthy individuals are being wrongly diagnosed as HIV positive. Since this information has come to light, in excess of 60 different medical conditions have been recorded that can give rise to a false HIV-positive reading. These separate conditions include flu, flu vaccination, malaria, tetanus vaccination, hepatitis A and B, hepatitis vaccinations, fungal infections, alcohol and drug use, recent viral infections and even pregnancy.7 Receiving a spurious but wholly devastating diagnosis of HIV-positive will prompt your doctor to recommend a course of ‘anti-HIV’ drugs. Known as protease inhibitors or anti-retrovirals, these drugs are highly toxic. They have the well-documented capacity to harm the mother, and also severely to deform and even kill the unborn child.8

The current levels of spending on AIDS drugs in the western world are phenomenal. So too are the profits enjoyed by the AIDS drug manufacturers. As a result, the information contained in this advisory is largely being ignored by the medical establishment. This is not an unexpected reaction. The pursuit of profit at the expense of health, the wilful employment of flawed medical procedures, the administration of dangerously toxic drugs to expectant mothers, the disregard for the plight of thousands of wrongly diagnosed people, and a refusal by the medical establishment to listen to sound contrary evidence or to admit medical negligence – all are the hallmarks of that once-respected drug, thalidomide. Do not allow either yourself or your child to face the possibility of becoming another heartbreaking medical statistic. For more information on AIDS, please obtain a copy of The Truth About HIV, available through Credence Publications.


Take action

If you have been diagnosed with ‘HIV infection’ or ‘AIDS’, the following protocol may be beneficial. Please note that conditions diagnosed as AIDS are dangerous and life-threatening. The following regimen, if you choose to follow it, must be rigorously adhered to, preferably under supervision of a doctor acquainted with nutritional and detoxification protocols:

  • TIP: Hire the services of a medical doctor (MD) or naturopathic physician (ND), trained in nutrition and aware of the AIDS/HIV deception

  • TIP: Take no further ‘AIDS tests’

  • PREVENTION: A patient is encouraged to do their research on the damaging side-effects of ‘AIDS medication’. Consider immediately dropping the use of AIDS medications under a metabolic doctor’s advice, especially nucleoside analogues and DNA chain-terminators. These are heavily immuno-suppressive and carcinogenic, bringing on the very symptoms of the problem you are trying to conquer

  • PREVENTION: Cease taking ALL recreational drugs, including the sex-stimulant amyl nitrite (poppers), which is known to cause Karposi’s sarcoma. If you have a drug addiction, a suitable clean-up program should be sought and rigorously adhered to

  • PREVENTION: If you are a homosexual, avoid sex and the lifestyle that goes with the ‘fast-track’ homosexual community. Unprotected sex with multiple partners heightens the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, gonorrhoea, syphilis, etc., along with the incessant drinking, taking of drugs, the ongoing regimens of antibiotics, not eating properly, etc., problems which themselves will generate antibodies that can be interpreted as AIDS-specific (they are not). Once you have triggered a positive AIDS test, physicians will usually then prescribe cell toxins

  • DIET AND DETOXIFICATION: Follow the regimen for cancer explained in the appropriate section of this book. This regimen addresses bowel problems, fungal/yeast infections, cancer, vitamin D deficiency, immuno-suppressant issues, detoxification, nutritional support and a correct and cleansing diet. With AIDS, it is also what you give up that will make the difference between life and death.

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