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** Good afternoon, everyone **

Welcome to the most comprehensive weekly WW3 situation report ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!


And welcome to World War 3. At present, an attempted global coup d’etat of the nation-states is underway, in which globalist ‘Cabal/Deep State’ (DS) powers are making their play to establish global governance (The New World Order/Great Reset). Here is the Great Reset explained in five minutes.

Powerful Cabal Satanists are attempting this longstanding plan under cover of a fake climate crisis, a bogus viral pandemic and depopulation agenda to provide the emergency justification before the world peoples to implement their coup.

If successful, The Great Reset and all that it embodies represents an irretrievable predicament for mankind and for what it even means to be human.

We’ll get into everything, but first, you won’t want to miss…

THE WEEKLY WISDOM (from everyone, everywhere)

“Good morning to everyone except blackface-wearing racist prime ministers who deflect from their own lifetime of racism by calling people who’ve never been in blackface, racists.”

“The guy with multiple pictures of himself in blackface – is calling all the truckers racists.”

“Soon, when all is well, you’re going to look back on this period of your life and be so glad that you never gave up.”

“The GoFundMe cancellation of the truckers’ money in Canada should make you all aware of how a cashless society will work. The government gets mad at you and wipes out all your money. The end. Think they can’t get mad at you, that you’re a good citizen? Welcome to the social credit system.”

Breaking News, Olympic Games Beijing 2022: “News outlets are reporting that the US bobsledding team have named their sled ‘BIDEN’, because nothing has ever brought America downhill quicker.”

“I still can’t stop laughing at triple-vaxxed Justin Trudeau, who literally has COVID – calling people who don’t want the vaccine, anti-science.”

“A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant.”

“Cases are high again in Israel – I think they should go ahead and approve the 5th shot before it’s too late.”

“Trudeau bullying you, little brother? Be right there.”

This is what a fringe minority looks like.”

Who dat?”

“Hello, world. This is Australia.”

Freeeedom, Canada style


“You can use anything for a mask because it’s not about safety, it’s about compliance.”


Here are some of the leading WW3 stories hitting the research wires this week:-







  • The Digital Identity Bill going through Australian Parliament is a massive worry. Digital ID’s will enable a social credit system and mark the end of universal human rights. It is on the agenda throughout the world”
  • Riccardo Bosi: Days like these are rare
  • Ex airline captain Graham Hood gives praise to Rod Culleton before reading out a ‘proclamation’ written by the former senator and leader of the GAP party.
  • Included in the speech are references to the corporation of 1973, the red ensign flag / admiral law as well as the Old Parliament House being the real Parliament building for the “people of the commonwealth”
  • Police have arrived at the Australian truck convoy camping site telling people to move on
  • Imagine being this well armed… against mums and dads in track suit pants and flannelette shirts. How ridiculously embarrassing”
  • Armed Tactical Police deployed against Camp Freedom in Canberra
  • Police remove tents and vehicles from illegal anti-vaccine mandate campsite



As the COVID scam and, by extension, any future pandemic scaremongering continues to unravel, protests against national governments’ Communistic sleight of hand reach epic proportions worldwide, many of them motorised into huge convoys heading for their respective seats of government. We’ll take a closer look at these developments in Geopolitical.

Last week, we examined how the Cabal (rich, powerful, Satan-worshiping sock puppets who run everything) must rapidly switch terror vehicles from killer viruses to something else – anything – or they’re toast. Remember, their goal is the Great Reset or they’re deader than a doughnut at a Weight Watchers’ convention. They’re fighting like their lives depend on it, because they do. As this war breaks the surface of popular consciousness, more sheep are jerking awake to the reality of what the world actually is. The shock for them is seismic. We must be shepherds.

The Cabal will eat their own when their backs are against the wall. A former investment executive of Blackrock which, along with Vanguard, owns and finances just about everything, came out to announce that Pharma’s vax liability shields could be at risk if fraud is found. As in, Pharma’s vax liability shields could be at risk if we find out the ocean is FULL OF FISH.


Dr Stephanie Seneff, an experienced MIT scientist, together with Peter McCullough, one of the world’s most published doctors, have just released a study revealing that the COVID shots irreversibly damage natural human immune function. The British government reports the data this way. That would be those shots not even pharmaceutical workers wanted jacked into their bodies for some reason.

It turns out all of it was hogwash. After all the political, media and medical ‘expert’ propaganda pumped out over the past two years to convince people vaccines were the answer, and that vaxxed immunity was far superior to natural immunity? It’s utter piffle. They all knowingly lied to implement their masterplan, which they do not hide.

“Wait! They can’t all be in on it!”

What, you mean like Santa?

Pfizer admits in confidential documents that its COVID-19 vaccine may cause Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease; ‘and real-world data now proves it definitely does’. This after all the media protestations that the jabs were safe while heaping hot coals over those who publicly said that they weren’t.

Always remember: No-one in the media or government gets to walk back any of this. They are knowingly complicit, the Internet’s forever, and these rats will be dealt with in a rodent-like fashion.

You see, wicked people can’t help but do wickedly. In Austria, ‘fines will be imposed on people who refuse the COVID vaccination from this week. This makes vaccination compulsory for almost everyone. The police will check vaccination status on the street and at traffic stops. Those who are not vaccinated risk fines of between 600 and 3,600 euros. There are only exceptions for people with medical exceptions or pregnant women.’

We still have yet to witness a formal acknowledgement from any national leader that the jabs have killed and injured huge numbers of people, though these statistics rack up week by week on government vaccine adverse event reporting systems around the world, such as Yellow Card (Britain), VAERS (USA), EudraVigilance (EU) and DAEN (Australia).

We don’t hear any of that. All we hear from the podium, or parroted from every TV and radio is, “Get jabbed, get jabbed, get jabbed…”

How about the probe into the UK’s secret government ‘nudge’ unit for reportedly using fear to gain COVID policy compliance? We’ve previously covered how the British and other governments deliberately used psychological warfare tactics to put their populations ‘under the COVID spell’ (mass formation psychosis). This week it was reported that Britain’s Brighton & Hove Council is now offering a course in how to manipulate people to take the kill-shot.

Do you want more proof of fraud and genocidal criminality? I’ve got all day. Here, British political journalist Robert Peston uncovers the astonishing extent of the UK government’s PPE profligacy. Here, I find myself looking at Flip-Flop Fauci’s neckline. Is this person actually wearing a mask? Fauci is 81. With no wrinkles?

Here, a Johns Hopkins University study reveals that lockdowns, school closures and limiting gatherings only reduced COVID mortality by 0.2 PERCENT at ‘enormous economic and social costs’. That’s a euphemism for innumerable bankruptcies, suicides, closed businesses, mental illness, as well as countless deaths arising from not treating existing illnesses because the doctors and nurses were too busy honing their Tik-Tok routines.

Those responsible will surely swing for their crimes, be they local or national, but the evil ones are not done yet. Flushed into the open for all to see, there’s nothing for it but to go for broke. The jab programme is ridiculously extended. UK plans are accelerated to doctor the Human Rights Act to redefine ‘a human right’ into whether you qualify for them any longer, based on your beliefs and behaviour. All Brits need to see this, then break out the pitchforks and torches.

The Australian health department is now ordering social media companies to block doctors and politicians from speaking out against the establishment narrative. Armed Tactical Police are being deployed against Camp Freedom Mums, Dads and kids in Canberra as we speak, because they’re such a danger. In Ottawa Canada, similar tactics will be brought to bear to deal with racist extremist convoy fascists such as these.


People are now being pushed to the precipice:

The youth are fighting back against school mask mandates. Canadian schoolies march down the hallway chanting. Californian students who refuse to wear a mask in class are banished to the gyms, which are quickly becoming busier than the classrooms.

Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal RIPS vaccine mandates on national TV: “You shouldn’t be forced to take something you don’t want.”

There’s a national US backlash against paramedics who refused to enter an acute care facility for a heart attack patient for fear of catching COVID. The patient died. Are the paramedics guilty of murder? Manslaughter?

With many countries now optimistically opening up and anticipating life ‘post-COVID’, Toby Rogers is stricken with foreboding:

“This announcement came out Jan. 31 and it is so horrifying. It took me several minutes to come to grips with what is happening. I know the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is evil, but this takes things to another level.

Pfizer wants its disastrous mRNA shot added to the official schedule for children so that the vaccine-maker can have liability protection forever.

The Pfizer mRNA shot in children 2 to 4 years old failed in the clinical trial. But, acting FDA Commissioner Dr Janet Woodcock, likely following orders from the Biden administration, asked Pfizer to submit an application anyway. So on Feb. 1, Pfizer submitted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) application for children, 6 months to 4 years old.”

There’s a line in the opening battle scene in Gladiator, when the Roman commander Maximus looks on at the gathering Germanic hordes he must defeat. Quintus, his aide, disdainfully murmurs, “A people should know when they’re conquered.”

We are seeing a trapped Cabal enemy refusing to admit defeat, determined to go down causing as much damage, injury, death, destruction and human suffering as possible. Such hatred is not human, and the overarching spiritual aspect to this war has hardly entered the collective psyche of society’s secular core. But when it does; when the depth of depravity is finally realised by the man and woman in the street; when what has been done to them, their children, and all the children they didn’t know is fully comprehended, you’ll need to run for cover and stick on your tin hat, when those who never wanted to be involved become involved.


  • Dr Sam Bailey: If COVID-19 doesn’t exist, why are people getting sick?
  • Dr Reiner Füllmich reads a statement on the coming international criminal proceedings, dubbed ‘Nuremberg 2.0’. More:
  • Dr Reiner Füllmich: The COVID ‘vaccine’ injection “doesn’t stay at the injection site, but within half an hour or so, it spreads throughout the entire body. It sterilizes women, maybe for only one pregnancy, we’re not sure about that, but it sterilizes men for good, that’s what the evidence says.”
  • German professor links massive death spikes to COVID-19 vaccine campaigns
  • Dr Charles Hoffe: On injection injury reporting issues, being told they’re all just coincidences
  • Dr Aseem Malhotra: Myocarditis risk higher from vaccine than COVID
  • Dr David Martin: COVID jabs are slow deaths for some and rapid for others
  • Dr David Martin: COVID ‘vaccines’ = Bioweapon. The ‘vaccine’ turns your body into bioweapons factory
  • Dr Robert Malone on Bill Gates in a nutshell
  • Dr Robert Malone tells Candace Owens about disturbing contract language vaccine manufacturers make countries accept. Governments have literally made compliant citizens lambs to the slaughter



For our subscribers who won’t have read anything about this in their local or national fishwrapper, the massive Canadian Freedom Convoy kicked off after PM Justin Trudeau introduced a mandate on January 15 decreeing that Canadian truckers who do not have COVID jab will be forced by Canada to undergo a two-week quarantine period should they traverse the Canadian-American border.

This week has seen the Canadian truckers’ convoy bedding in at Ottawa, and an Australian protest convoy taking up station in that nation’s capital of Canberra. Other nations such as America, Britain, Holland and New Zealand have convoys now on the move towards their respective capitals.

Both Canadian and Australian federal governments are attempting to brand the protestors as ‘hateful and violent’, ‘radicals’, ‘white supremacists’, and ‘right-wing, domestic terrorists’, even inferring that Russian actors are inciting the protests.

PM Justin ‘Castro’ Trudeau explains here why he will not meet with the truckers.

He supports Black Lives Matter who burnt down cities in America, but not truckers who have proved to be peaceful and non-violent. Here he is again, speaking from the undisclosed location to which he fled.

No one likes you, Justin. You failed to tell Canadians that the Canadian government gets a kick-back every time that Pfizer or Moderna shots are given. You literally have a price on your heads, Canada, which may explain why Trudeau ordered TEN TIMES the number of vaccines than there are Canadians.

Then, wouldn’t you know it? Incriminating footage of insurrectionists smashing up buildings mysteriously appears online, though clearly nothing to do with Ottawa as there’s no snow in the footage. This amateur attempt at ‘fitting up’ the truckers only angers the protestors further, including this Polish pastor who’s been at the business end of Trudeau’s goon squad on a number of occasions.

No-one likes you, Justin, because you’re a liar. And a traitor.


The tens of thousands of truckers and other citizens who stuffed themselves into the capital in -20C conditions have a very broad support base across Canada, even from the Amish, as the truth of the COVID scam red-pills the masses.

Tender moments. Truckers provide meals for the homeless in downtown Ottawa. Organizers provide pop-up pizza ovens cooking food for everyone everywhere. There’s zero impartial mainstream Canadian media coverage on any of this, however, and here’s why – straight from the horse’s mouth.

Some American media senses which way the wind’s blowing and tells it as it is. Ottawa shows no sign of insurrection or violence. Canadian Deputy Conservative Leader Candice Bergen rips Trudeau for his convoy response: “I will ask the PM, who may I remind this House wore blackface on more times than he can remember, to apologize to the peace-loving, patriotic Canadians who are outside,” she said.

But Trudeau’s been hiding this week, for good reason.

No-one likes you, Justin.

People feared a false flag attack to frame the truckers. In fact, Canadian Police are apparently busted here with canisters of “a toxic, explosive, corrosive substance” outside a hotel lobby. No other info was forthcoming.

Government contacted all the tow companies in Ottawa to get out there and throw a hook on those treacherous trucks and haul them away, but were told all the tow truck contractors ‘had COVID’ and could not comply.

So Canadian police turn up to deliver a message to the trucksters. Move or you will be arrested, your trucks seized and impounded (becoming the property of the Crown). Honestly, what’s Lizzie going to do with tens of thousands of chromed-up big-rigs? Even the trucks hooted with mirth.

Within four days of the occupation of the capital city, Quebec shelved plans to tax the unvaccinated. Saskatchewan started to compromise. But the people have no intention of stopping the protest until all mandates are scrapped for every Canadian.

Despite Justin Trudeau demanding that the truckers stand down, the latter voted to continue their protest and sent a convoy to block the US/Canada border at Coutts, Alberta. When police tried setting up blockades of their own, Canadian farmers simply drove around them.

Meanwhile GoFundMe contributions for the Canadian truckers poured in and were approaching $10M (more than country’s political parties raised last quarter!), when GFM froze the account. Why? Because the feds told GFM the fund would be used for fuelling extremist violence.

Amid the predictable backlash, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said it was “a fraud” for GoFundMe “to commandeer $9 [million] in donations sent to support truckers and give it to causes of their own choosing.” DeSantis said he would work with Florida’s attorney general, Ashley Moody, “to investigate these deceptive practices—these donors should be given a refund.”

GoFundMe now says all donations to the trucker convoy will be automatically refunded. Ottawa’s Communist Police Chief, who swore an oath to serve the people of Canada, now says he’ll investigate and prosecute any of his officers if they support the convoy for freedom in any way, incl. offering food and water. Cabal sock-puppet Justin now threatens to unleash the MILITARY on the contumacious protestors. Good luck with that one too.

No-one likes you, Justin.

PS: Are the rumours true that you’re actually the bastard son of Fidel Castro? Tucker Carlson seems to think so. Asking for a friend.


While the action’s kicking off in Canada, Australians besieged Canberra with their own hi-octane protest. Police reaction was predictably harsh. Canberra police stooped to a new low when they pepper-sprayed this elderly woman.

Riccardo Bosi: “Days like these are rare.” Bosi calls for 5 million to descend on Canberra. Meanwhile THIS happened in the capital. Lionesses extend their claws. As protestors pour into Canberra from all over, further sites are taken over by the protestors, who are now settling in for a protracted period.

Once again, all mandates must be lifted or no-one’s going anywhere. A retired AFP officer warns that things could get ‘messy’ over the coming days, but whatever the tactics employed by the feds, DO NOT get antagonised into conflict.

Police arrive at the Australian truck convoy camping site and order people to move on. Counter terrorism police are deployed, can you beat it? Imagine being this well armed against mums and dads in track suit pants and flannelette shirts. ‘How ridiculously embarrassing’. Later police remove tents and vehicles from the ‘illegal anti-vaccine mandate campsite’. The protestors set up shop elsewhere.

All protestors send this message to the police worldwide:

“Stand down.”


Here’s a slightly updated reprint of last week’s list. I get numerous requests for my take on what might be coming up. I don’t usually do this but these are extraordinary times, so here’s my by-no-means-exhaustive, informal list of forthcoming maybes in no particular order:

  • Cyber-attacks and Internet outages: Download all your valuable photos, files, videos, etc. from the cloud and store them on your local drives, Seagate, etc.
  • Food shortages – Do you have one-month’s worth of supplies in yet, including food, water and pet food?
  • Fuel/energy shortages – store limited extra supplies SAFELY
  • Ten days of [cyber?] darkness are apparently coming up. Internet taken down. Could be literal power outages. How will you cope with no shopping, no credit cards working, no food, etc. for a few weeks? Buy candles, tealights and matches too, plus makeshift cooking facilities
  • The US military, after proving widespread voter fraud in 2020, may require the US presidential election to be re-run, this time the ole-fashioned way – on paper – overseen by the US patriot military
  • Once Trump is officially acknowledged the winner, massive civil disobedience will ensue across America, triggered by Antifa, BLM and other Soros-backed Marxist groups. We are told this insurrection will be swiftly stamped upon by the US military
  • Advance notification: We’re also told that the COVID-19 narrative kill date is ‘Election Day + 1’. Make of that what you will
  • Meanwhile, so-called COVID will see burgeoning death rates worldwide, to be blamed on the unvaxxed. There’s even talk of a Marburg virus. The blame narrative has already begun. ‘Any COVID-related deaths will in fact be caused by the roll-on effects of the bioweapon (jab), antibody dependent enhancement, clots, cardiac and lung issues, ventilators, Remdesivir, etc.
  • There will be more attempted lockdowns as the Cabal struggles to maintain control
  • Many more citizen protests worldwide
  • Expect more cataclysmic weather, earthquakes and aerial phenomena to justify the fake climate change agenda
  • The world will move to the brink of war – for optics only to awaken the sheep
  • Patriots in control. Theatre of ops: Russia/China/Taiwan/Japan/Ukraine/NK
  • A major part of Chyna’s industrial infrastructure meets a watery fate when the Yangtze’s Three Gorges Dam fails. Rods from God?
  • Classic Cabal strongholds are taken out
  • Stock market crash. Financial wipe-out
  • An attempted assassination of a very high-profile person
  • The child sex trafficking horror breaks into the open. The truth about the tunnels, the DUMBS, the children, Satanism and paedophilia among the élite, and what’s been living in the tunnels will be explained
  • Probably aliens at some point to divert the news cycle – the media can’t seem to shut up about them. Research Project Bluebeam also here, and Deep Fakes. For the uninitiated, if millions of people suddenly vanish from the Earth, this is not David Copperfield or a mass alien abduction, it’s the harpazo
  • Get your heart right before God. Seek His face. WW3 is a spiritual war
  • Satan’s Hollywood will be exposed and eviscerated
  • “The Deep State play their final cards. These will be painful cards
  • The Storm, followed by military tribunals and punishments
  • A remedy brought forward to treat the jabbed
  • A nice new Cabal-free, fair-dealing, righteous world with Tesla energy
  • A new form of medical system


NOTE: If the world which replaces our current corrupt system is to be a truly free world and not a New World Order counterfeit, it will have attributes that enshrine individual freedom and freewill:

  • This new world will permit untrackable cash in addition to current, convenient, digital transactions. You can’t be free under an all-encompassing, centralised, trackable, enslavable, digital money system
  • This new world will insist on the continued existence of the nation state as a check-and-balance system to prevent further attempts to form an unaccountable one-world government/order
  • This new world will permit ALL CITIZENS henceforth to bear arms to defend themselves and their families, to prevent any repeat of the current situation where governments enforce their will upon the people with impunity
  • This new world will enforce strict term limits on public servants, governors, etc. No professional politicians permitted, only bean-counters in service to the people with salary caps
  • This new world will ensure unbreakable safeguards to render government henceforth as a function to serve the people, not the reverse
  • This new world will forever educate the world peoples on the evils of Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Illuminism and Satanism
  • This new world will permit thousands of withheld cures to be freely used by the people
  • This new world will permit free energy and forbid the criminal extortion of trillions of dollars/pounds from the people
  • Etc.
  • Etc.
  • Make your own list on the sort of world you need to pass on to your children

ONCE AGAIN: The proof of the pudding will be in the kind of system that comes after, and how it is administered. Meanwhile, be patient. A worldwide deep-clean of Earth has been underway for two years now. Earth 2.0 is loading –


Stay strong for your family. COMPEL YOURSELF to be brave even if you’re not. Spend time away from the computer to give more to the ones you love. Time is your most precious resource. Devote as much as you can to help others. In so doing you will help yourself.

The enemy is panicking. They know they’ve lost and they know what’s coming, which is why you see them acting in a desperate and contradictory fashion. But a desperate enemy is when they are at their most dangerous, so now is the time for us to put on the whole armour of God and get this thing done.

Huge numbers are awakening to the truth, and this will absolutely explode when the plight of the children is revealed. You can see from the posts that whole armies of your fellow men and women around the world are fighting alongside you. Let me exhort you to continue with courage to take a stand in the wall for what is good and decent and just and right. HOLD THE LINE. You will look back and be justly proud of how you stood fast in these difficult times.

Know which outcomes you can affect personally and get busy on them. Don’t sweat the big stuff, over which you have no control. Worry is a sin. It’s taking on a responsibility God did not intend you to have. Have faith in Him, who did not bring you this far only to abandon you now.

We are the 99%, but the only way we as a civilisation can bury this evil for the foreseeable future is to help the majority of our fellow citizens to wake up. They too must experience the pain, anger and outrage of what’s been done to them and their loved ones. Only then will they have the understanding and motivation to stand shoulder to shoulder with us.

Our forebears in World War 2 never flinched from confronting evil, and neither shall we in exterminating such wickedness from the world our children will inherit (2 Chron 7:14).

Pray. Plan. Unite.

Don’t get diverted by distractions.

Keep your head up.
Remember. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers,
and He chose you.

You were born for such a time as this.


Catch up next week, you Revolting Ones xx

PS: Please say a prayer for, and a huge thank-you to the hundreds of patriots, anons, citizens, military types and their long suffering families around the world who work tirelessly to research much of the information contained in these reports. I’d like to single out Credence-affiliated researchers in particular. Warriors all. We salute you.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 46:10


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