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Phillip Day, Angry Citizen MP3


In an age where citizens are daily conditioned to ‘toe the official line’ and not speak out against outrages committed by those set over us, one citizen has had a gutful. Featuring highlights from his recent What’s News Tour, one of the world’s leading health authors goes toxic. From vaccinations, psychiatric drug slaughters and useless cancer treatments to the GM agenda, transhumanism and governments’ desire to shut the public up, be prepared to go where even angels fear to tread!

“Hilarious, acerbic, terrifying.”

“One of the must-get health talks EVER. Talk about not pulling punches! We ARE paying for all this nonsense!”

“A world-class communicator at the top of his game.”

“I’m mad. I’m angry. And I’m not going to take it any more!”

“A citizen can still say what we doctors would be shot for saying…. But for how much longer?”

“Phillip Day ROCKS! I LMAO!”

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