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The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and its Applications
by John Dinsley
302 pages
CHARCOAL: We drink water filtered by it; breathe air scrubbed with it; eat food purified through it; wear clothes made with it; preserve things with it; go to war with it; enjoy hundreds of dishes cooked with it; we move mountains with it; we make the night sparkle with it; grow our food and flowers in it; we take it with us to the bottom of the deepest oceans and out into space; and then we call upon it to clean up our many environmental mistakes. Not least and not last, medicinal charcoal plays an increasingly significant role in maintaining, restoring and enhancing man’s level of health. No wonder we naturally warm up to it.
“I heartily recommend – The Complete Handbook of medicinal Charcoal and its Applications by John Dinsley. As a physician, mother and grandmother, as a public health educator for the past 41 years, I have come to fully trust the efficacy and safety of charcoal as a simple yet powerful home remedy. This book serves not only as a reference book of medicinal charcoal facts, but also brings together a hundred and fifty different charcoal experiences of individuals from around the world. People need this book. Every family, every healthcare worker, every traveller abroad, every health-conscious individual needs a copy in their home library.” – Agatha M Thrash MD (Co-founder of Uchee Pines Institute. Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia)