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Colonics (125 g tub)


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MgO is a common osmotic salt found in the earth’s crust – a wonderfully simple and effective hydrater. When mixed with water, it forms magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) and liberates large amounts of water when consumed. Dr Dennis Vander Kraats, who has popularised the compound’s use in recent times, lists MgO’s common benefits thus:

· MgO increases the number of bowel movements

· Increases the percentage of stool water

· Increases stool volume

· Increases stool magnesium

· Works far better at cleaning the bowel than bulk laxatives and the use of harsh abrasive agents

· Cleans faecal deposits from the walls of intestine and colon

· Reduces hospital stay for post-op patients experiencing constipation

1 review for Colonics (125 g tub)

  1. fionasteele85 (verified owner)

    Brilliant colon cleanser, no stomach pain or cramps. Felt more energetic and alive after 1 week of using.

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