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Making a Killing DVD (PAL format)

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The facts are hard to believe, but fatal to ignore.

Big Pharma is making a killing by pushing psychotropic drugs down millions of throats to treat ‘psychiatric’ disorders for which they have no scientific evidence. In this new film from the public health watchdog Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), experts from around the world join together in condemning the ongoing medicalization of Planet Earth by psychiatry with its useless and often deadly chemicals.

What mental illness do you have this week? Not doing your homework? Agitated because you quit smoking? Or perhaps you are a teenager and feel that everyone else is better looking than you. You name it, they have a drug for it and you are the one who will pay with rather more than just money. This film contains 175 interviews and is a fascinating insight into one of the greatest cons of our time.

Please note, this DVD is in PAL format and will not play in standard (NTSC) US or Canadian DVD players. (will be viewable on a computer or multi-format DVD player)

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