Origins II – Holy War


Origins II – Holy War

Origins II – Holy War
by Phillip Day
ISBN 1-904015-31-X (540 pages)

With millions spent each year on space projects avidly searching for life in the universe or some message from outer space, have we been in possession of an extraterrestrial Message System all along, whose origins are bizarrely proven to be both from the future and the past?

Continuing the epic journey of Origins – The Greatest Scientific Discovery, author Phillip Day tackles the most popular, bestselling book of all time – the Bible – and reveals how a spectrum of sciences can validate the Book of books as authentic, and why the huge questions surrounding our origins, existence, purpose, the nature of death, and our eternal destiny may have already been answered.

Welcome to the Holy War, daily covered with relish in our newspapers, on TV, seen in our neighbourhoods and families, and, uncomfortably closer, experienced in our own bodies and minds. A hyperdimensional war being played out across cities, nations, continents and worlds with only one outcome. And man himself in the middle of it all. Both the pawn and the prize.