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Please note, at present all meetings have been cancelled due to action by the hotels under the lockdown, and all current ticket-holders have been refunded. We will be looking to revive the tour later in the year, once freedom of movement, and the ability to hold such meetings, are restored.   

Introducing Phillip Day’s brand new 100 UK 2020 tour!


by Phillip Day

What a subject. What can we do, starting right now, to change things for a happier, healthier life? How quickly can we get results? What do the experts recommend? Why should we care?


First step? Convince yourself you’re worth working on!


There’s no subject called Life Management at school – what a pity. You’d think the most common-sense thing in the world would be to teach our children the practical tools and skills they’ll need to get ahead in the 21st Century, avoid unnecessary heartache and trauma, stay healthy and keep out of trouble. Not a bit of it.


As I cover in Health Wars – and uncomfortable though it may be to confront – sickness is the biggest business on Earth, and there are extremely powerful dynamos keen to keep the gravy train on the rails. As one example, Britain’s National Health Service, long regarded as the sacred cow of British living, has made drug addicts out of at least 50% of the over 65s, doling out medications people have been told they can’t live without.


Toxic treatments are pushed as the forward-thinking way to go while healthy eating habits are dismissed with a bat of the hand as a mental disorder (Orthorexia nervosa). It’s not surprising that doctors are quitting in droves due to crushing physical and mental illness workloads. Foundational cause is never addressed so things keeps getting worse. Government’s answer? To pour ££billions more into this ever-widening black hole instead of teaching people how not to get sick in the first place.


So. Never has a 100 seminar been so timely! And how refreshing that we can all start changing things for the better IMMEDIATELY.


The 100 List I’ll cover tackles the issues of the new Roaring 20s decade, analyses the pitfalls and challenges, and presents sensible, scientifically validated strategies to help us all enjoy a fuller, happier life and steer clear of the minefields.


Come along and see what it’s all about. Credence is doing group ticket discounts so bring a vanful. I’m going to cover more or less EVERYTHING.


See you soon!



Phillip Day is a research author of 14 books on health and wellness and a further 6 on other subjects. For the past 30 years, Phillip has investigated and reported on a range of health topics, and toured the world, appearing on TV, radio and film documentaries.


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