Simple Changes DVD, (PAL format)


Finally in PAL DVD format, the condensed version of Phillip Day’s popular ‘Simple Changes’ speaking tour. In a dynamic 54 minute presentation you’ll get the broad strokes that encapsulate the Simple Changes book and a choice helping of the informative and uplifting atmosphere from the live talk as recorded on the Simple Changes tour in the UK.

Based on the book by Phillip Day

ISBN: 1-904015-20-4 (316 pages):

From the chewed pen of one of the world’s most travelled health authors – your survival plan for 21st Century Earth. Attack Political Correctness – Don’t Be Dysfunctional Around Money – Listen to What Comes Out of Your Mouth – Start Complaining. In your hands you’ll hold one battle-scarred veteran’s Top 100 tips for the battlefront you won’t want to be without!

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