Wellness, Our Birthright


ISBN 978-1-59930-020-7

If you are to buy just one book about wellness and pregnancy, then make it this one.

Never underestimate the importance of knowledge and sound advice when embarking on the journey of motherhood. This book will truly inspire and motivate you as parents to take the necessary action to achieve optimum health before, during and after pregnancy. The many inspirational stories should be read by every future parent.

The physical and emotional condition of the pregnant mother sets the building blocks for the new born baby for its own physical and emotional wellbeing. Medical science is now showing that many diseases, such as memory loss, heart conditions, diabetes etc.can be traced back to the time in the womb and, what’s more, adults born naturally have not only better health, but a greater capacity to love themselves and others.

“It is becoming ever dearer that a number of very serious diseases and a weakened immune system are being generated in our children before they are even born. Vivien’s work sheds light on how we can attempt to prevent this. Sadly, ignorance of the latest research and knowledge abounds. This book goes a long way in attempting
to correct this.”

– Chris Woollams M.A. (Oxon)

“An inspiring, practical book that simplifies the physical and emotional journey of
wellness and pregnancy.”

– Stuart Korth, D.O., D.P.O., Co-Kounder and Director
of Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Children

“Human beings have difficult births compared with other mammals, but Nature has
found solutions to overcome these handicaps. Read Vivien Clere Green’s illuminating
book, Wellness Our Birthright, to discover these solutions for yourself This is a
comprehensive but easy to read guide written
jor the general public.”

– Dr Michel Odent, Director of Primal Health Research, Obstetrician, Visionary, Author