Credence Data Privacy Policy


For over 20 years Credence has published books, videos and audio, launched speaking tours around the world, and helped people take control of their health by being informed and inspired. We have always taken the utmost care with your personal information and will continue to do so.



The quick overview – “I’m a busy person, just bottom-line it for me!”


The key points about your data: The data we hold is limited to info supplied by you for the purpose of fulfilling an order in the store, or as a request to join our mailing list. Outside of the obvious communication for order confirmations and the like, we will send you emails consisting of:

  • Our weekly health newsletter
  • Information on Phillip Day speaking tours
  • Occasional special offers.

You can unsubscribe at any time, when you receive an email from us (except for automated forms like order confirmations etc.) just look for the link called ‘unsubscribe’, one click is all it takes (and you can re-subscribe from the same link if you unsubscribe accidentally)

The data is always in our control and is kept safe. We keep data for as long as we have some kind of relationship, be it commercial or purely informational. You have the right to control your data. We do not keep anything sensitive or financial. For the more detailed explanation see the points below, and if you still have questions, please feel free to send us a quick email 🙂

We have included everything that is pertinent to your data privacy, and to the best of our ability, to answer all the points recommended by the PCER guidelines. We may update this privacy policy if something changes or we discover an omission, but it is most likely that any such update will be minor and will not significantly alter the shape of our relationship. If there is ever a significant change, we will do our best to let you know.



The full-fat intricately detailed version (but legalese kept to a minimum, we promise)


  • What this policy pertains to

This privacy policy sets out the terms under which Credence collects, stores, and processes your data. This includes the obvious need for information to complete an order of a physical product or an event ticket. We also send informational and promotional emails including our weekly newsletter called ECHN (EClub Healthy News), comprising carefully curated articles with useful information on the subjects of health and well-being. We also send out occasional special offers, seasonal notices and information on Phillip Day’s speaking tours.


  • When data is collected

By placing an order you consent to the use of the data supplied by you for the purpose of processing and fulfilling your order and occasional other communications as outlines above. And of course you are always free to contact us with a subscribe request. Likewise, once subscribed you will find an unsubscribe link in every email we send so you can easily unsubscribe at any time.


  • What data is involved

The data we hold is entirely limited to the information you supply when placing an order, or subscribing to our mailing list. You may edit or update your information at any time if you have created an account in the store. We do not collect or store any financial information in the online store. At the time of checkout, the order details are passed along, via a secure connection, to our card processor Paypoint. At that stage any financial info is entered into a payment gateway using a secure server so that Paypoint can complete the transaction.


Our website host automatically logs IP information in order to safeguard against suspicious activity or unauthorised access attempts etc.


  • Cookies

Our Woocommerce shopping cart uses temporary cookies in order to keep track of order data in the cart. It creates a unique code for each customer so that it knows where to find the cart data in the database for each customer. No personal information is stored within these cookies.


  • How data is stored

In the online store, data is stored in a MySQL database on an Apache server, hosted by Tsohosts (formerly Vidahost) running Linux. Servers are located in a privately owned Tier 3+ 2N UK Data Centre using the latest technology to deliver the highest reliability, security and performance.


We also store data in our office based in the UK in order to fill the order, create the order confirmation docs, print labels etc. This data is under our control at all times and all reasonable efforts are made to keep it safe.


  • Legal basis

You authorise the use of the data you provide to us for the purpose of fulfilling the transaction you have requested. This includes an order confirmation email, notices should a problem arise or specific info about the stock status of an item or details about shipping or anything else required for us to provide the best possible service to you. We may also send electronic communications as detailed above. In addition to situations where specific consent has been given there is also the principle of ‘legitimate interests’ in play, as defined in the GDPR / PCER regulations. These legitimate interests exists on our side as a commercial enterprise as we must be able to communicate with customers in the course of operating the business. As a customer or fan of our work such communications are reasonably expected and GDPR does not propose to hinder this normal flow of activity.


We will always weigh up the need for sending anything to you and strive to keep all emails useful and informative and thus welcomed. The bottom line is that our communications will always be of a nature that is logically expected and / or specifically requested and will always be on-topic and of interest to you.


  • How long we keep data

We keep customer data as long as a relationship exists between us of a commercial or information-exchange nature, and will from time to time review the data we hold and strive to keep it up to date and relevant.


  • Right to be forgotten

Regulations specify that people have the ‘right to be forgotten’. In our case, as we never share data with any third parties, the scope of how remembered or forgotten you are is limited. In any case we are happy to delete you from our databases at your request (notwithstanding situations where we may be legally obligated to retain business records for a certain time for UK business regs or tax purposes etc.)


If you need to contact us

Via email

You can reach us by phone at 01622 832386 (+44 1622832386 from outside the UK)

To reach us by post:

P.O. Box 3, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 9ZY