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LESTEROL, Plant Sterol & Allicin
90 capsules

Beta-sitosterol is one of hundreds of plant-derived ‘sterol’ compounds (including sterols and sterolins) that have structural similarity to the cholesterol made in our bodies. The most prevalent phytosterols in the diet are Beta-sitosterol, compesterol and stigmasterol. Plant oils contain the highest concentration of phytosterols, so nuts and seeds contain fairly high levels, and all fruits and vegetables generally contain some amount of phytosterols. Perhaps the best way to obtain Beta-sitosterol is to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (which obviously brings numerous other benefits as well), or to take a daily dose of LESTEROL®.


·         Why Beta-sitosterol and stabilised Allicin?

·         Helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels

·         Immune system support (especially during stress)

·         Helps relieve symptoms of allergy

·         Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving activity

·         Relieves symptoms of enlarge prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH)


Stabilised Allicin is a unique extract from fresh garlic and has a number of exciting properties. Only recently, decades after allicin was first identified in the laboratory, has it been possible to produce a stabilised form on a commercial scale. A team of chemists and chemical-process engineers have pioneered and patented the unique process of water-based extraction and freeze drying that made this possible.


This milestone achievement has finally made it possible for researchers to explore Allicin’s potential more fully, to confirm the most incredible spectrum of activity, not only against a host of common ailments, including maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, but also against many of today’s most pressing problems: resistant bacteria, virus and fungal infections. Stabilised Allicin has also been proven to have significant synergy with other natural extracts, leading to increased activity.


Beta-sitosterol and stabilised Allicin also appear to modulate immune function, inflammation and pain levels through their effects on controlling the production of inflammatory cytokines.


Lesterol contains:
Bita-Sitosterol, Allisure® Allicin powder, Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate powder BP (vegetarian source), Silica



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