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Origins III – The Predicament of Man

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Origins III – The Predicament of Man
by Phillip Day
ISBN 1-904015-32-8 (584 pages)


The 2015 release of Ridley ‘Gladiator’ Scott’s epic film, Exodus: Gods and Kings has rekindled the public’s interest in an ancient period, which most today regard as fable or legend. Were there really ten plagues that ravaged Egypt? Did the Exodus actually happen? Did Moses truly lead two million slaves out of Egypt to dwell forty years in an inhospitable desert?


Author Phillip Day continues his spectacular saga with Origins III – The Predicament of Man. From the sophisticated, cosmopolitan Egypt Moses knew, to Joshua’s slaughterhouse invasion of Canaan; from the sun-bleached deserts of the Arabah, to the infamous bacchanalias of Samson and the Philistines, the author unravels the striking historical evidence which underpins one of the most astonishing periods of human history, as described in vivid detail in that bestselling book of all time: the Holy Bible.